WE ARE AQUA 9+ - All Natural Alkaline Drinking Water

AQUA 9+ is stable 9.5 -10 pH level drinking water.

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully created an all-natural ionic mineral alkaline drinking water that produces a stable 9.5-10 pH without electricity. Our proprietary filtration system delivers pure ionic mineral alkaline drinking water that tastes great

and hydrates our body properly.


Super Hydration

Energize Your Life

Clean Refreshing Taste

Absolute Purity

Detoxification Naturally

Ionic / Active Minerals Infused

Ingredients: Purified Water, Calcium: 1.3%, Magnesium: 0.7%, Potassium: 0.1%, Natrium: 0.1%

Our AQUA 9+ proprietary filtration and infused, highly absorbable ionic mineral system delivers pure ionic calcium, ionic magnesium, and ionic potassium alkaline drinking water that is great tasting and keeps our body properly hydrated and running at peak performance.


Minerals comprise one of the five essential human-nutrient categories.  There are 116 mineral elements in the human body. Among these, calcium makes up about 83% of our body’s mineral content.  Because calcium is the highest mineral content in our body, we need to consume more calcium than any other mineral; that is why we made the calcium ion the number one mineral ingredient in our AQUA 9+ alkaline drinking water.

AQUA 9+ Alkaline Bottled Drinking Water - Drink It. Feel The Difference.


AQUA 9+ is one of the first and only all-natural ionic mineral alkaline bottled drinking waters in the world. It has one of the highest and most stable pH of any bottled water on the market, with a pH ranging from 9.5 to 10. Natural ionic minerals provide an outstandingly fresh & smooth taste. Drink it. Feel the difference.

  • AQUA 9+ helps reduce the acidity in our body by neutralizing the body's metabolic and dietary acids.
  • AQUA 9+ balances our body’s alkaline pH.
  • AQUA 9+ is effectively absorbed on the cellular level.
  • AQUA 9+ uses the highest quality ingredients.


AQUA 9+ is available in 16.9 oz. (500mL), 23.7 oz. (700mL), 33.8 oz. (1L) & 1-gal

AQUA 9+ is flouride-free

AQUA 9+ BPA-free bottles

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 AQUA 9+ Ionic Mineral Alkaline Home Water System



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AQUA 9+ Home System

AQUA 9+ water straight from your faucet. You get the best, highest quality alkaline drinking water, right at your finger tips, 365 days a year, and at only a fraction of the cost. Buy American. Made In the USA. Drink It. Feel The Difference.


No other bottled water manufacturer offers their water from the convenience of your home like AQUA 9+.


Unlike traditional water ionizers currently on the market, the AQUA 9+ Home System produces purified ionic mineral alkaline drinking water, naturally, without the use of electricity.


Our 7-step filtration process ensures the water is purified and safe from toxic impurities and heavy metals before going through our proprietary restructuring process.  Our AQUA 9+ Home System bio-ceramic filter restructures the acidic purified water by adding essential ionic minerals (ionic calcium, ionic magnesium, & ionic potassium), which results in an all-natural ionic mineral alkaline drinking water.


    Model: AQUA 9+ Home System

    Size (inches): 13.7 (W) X 4.5 (D) X 19.7 (H)

    Tank Capacity: 50 gallons per day




 AQUA 9+ Kiosk - Profitable Business Opportunity



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AQUA 9+ Kiosk

Business Opportunity

Profit margins high and maintenance low as you discover this AQUA 9+ profitable business opportunity. Increase store sales with foot traffic to our 2-, 3- or 4-faucet AQUA 9+ kiosk. The kiosk produces high quality, fresh-tasting purified drinking water and/or natural ionic mineral alkaline drinking water, and has a simple push button operation used to fill containers of any size. A great way to generate additional income for your stores with minimal energy and investment. Optional shelving system included, which is able to hold various combinatio​ns of one, three, and five gallon containers for consumer purchase.

Drink It. Feel The Difference.




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AQUA 9+ loves being healthy, miscellaneous and fun enlightening our clients on health-related, fun and breakthrough applications of our water. Here you will encounter awesome shareable resources for you, family and friends.

Drink It. Feel The Difference.


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